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To log-on users can use our trial account (username / clientcode = GUEST, password = guest), or must have completed the Registration form on this site by clicking on the 'Register' button above (for AUSTRALIAN RESIDENTS ONLY) . (After you register, your account will be activated and available for use, the next business day). Invetus will supply a Client Code to you. For detailed instructions go to our 'Account Log-in Instructions' page.


  Account Log-in Instructions 

This website..

This site is a public access portal. Some parts of this site are only accessible via the 'Account Log-in' facility.

To log-on, you MUST be registered.. (available for AUSTRALIAN RESIDENTS ONLY)

You must register to able to access your lab reports. By registering, an email is sent by you to Invetus asking us to activate your log-on 'account'. Your account will be activated and ready for use usually the next business day.

About Client Codes..

To access more than the general website (to be able to get your lab results, etc), you must be registered and have a Client Code and Password. A Client Code is given to you in one of two ways -

  1. when you submit your first samples to the Diagnostic Lab a Client Code is generated by our database and is unique to you. Your client code is written on your laboratory reports with your address details.
  2. the second way to obtain a Client Code is by contacting Invetus and asking for a Client Code.

Every client who has ever submitted a sample to our Diagnostic Lab has a Client Code. Your Client Code is written on your lab reports along side your name and address details. If you know your Client Code when you register, add it to the form.

About Passwords..

Your password needs to be up to 6 characters long and can be a combination of numbers and letters. When you register add your password to the form.

To register..

  1. Click on the 'Register' button in the log-on area on the left hand side of your screen.
  2. Complete the form (add your Client Code if you know it) and click on the 'Submit' button.
  3. Your account will be activated and ready for use on the next business day.

Website feature access table...

Web FeaturesGeneral PublicRegistered Website Users
GraziersReseller StaffVeterinarians
General websiteYesYesYesYes
Own lab resultsNoYesYesYes
Clients lab resultsNoNoYesYes
Data file (by email)Noavailable with lab reports

Secure access..

Currently all data in our database is protected by Client Codes and Passwords. Your Client Code and Password is important information and you need to protect them as you would your banking passwords. Please keep this information secure and only divulge it to others who have the authority to use them.


If you have trouble with our website, have questions or need a Client Code or Password, please phone Invetus on 02 6770 3200, between 9 am and 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, send an email to us and your query will be answered the next business day.


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