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  Our Diagnostic Laboratory Services 


Operating since 1996, our facility is located in Armidale, NSW, and offers full 'ecto' and 'endo' parasitological, gross and histo pathological and microbiological capabilities.

The Diagnostic Lab team consists of 3 experienced Technicians headed by Jade Kavanagh. With our capacity, expertise and experience, we guarantee a fast turnaround time from our laboratory.

Our facility has a fully equipped post mortem room and facilities available for containment of infectious diseases.

We provide an extensive range of services, all of which are interrelated and supported by several veterinarians, able to provide graziers with comprehensive advice on an “as needs” basis.

Diagnostic Laboratory contact details:

Laboratory:(02) 6770 3221
Lab Manager (Jade Kavanagh):(02) 6770 3221


Worm Monitoring
For graziers, worm monitoring is an essential part an effective worm control program. Without monitoring, graziers are guessing and can be treating animals when it is not necessary costing time and money.

We supply worm monitoring kits which are utilised in performing a faecal egg count (FEC) to determine the level of infection in livestock. Kits are available from us and rural merchandise stores throughout Australia. We also perform larval species identification to pinpoint which types of worms are infecting stock and fluke egg counts if necessary. Once the testing has been completed, recommendation for treatment and further monitoring is provided by our qualified staff. More detailed advice can be given on an individual property base on request.

Drench Resistance Testing
Drench resistance testing is another essential part of an effective worm control program. A non-effective drench treatment which kills less than 95% of the worms in stock is an expensive exercise in both time and money.

Faecal Egg Count Reduction Test (FECRT)
We provide a drench effectiveness testing service, centered on the Drench Test Kit. This kit is available for purchase either directly from us or any rural merchandise store and provides all the necessary drenches and equipment to conduct an on-farm test.

Gross Pathology
The Laboratory has a fully equipped post mortem room and facilities available for containment of infectious diseases. These facilities allow us to offer a range of services in gross pathology, including:
  • large & small animal autopsy
  • carcase disposal
  • disposal of other substances (excluding sharps)

Our Laboratory offers an extensive range of parasitology services;
  • Single faecal egg counts, fluke counts and larval differentiation
  • Worm monitoring for sheep cattle and horses
  • Drench resistance testing (Drench Test Kit)
  • Lungworm counts for sheep and cattle
  • Parasite identification and total worm counts

Referral Services
What we cannot provide directly we will arrange by forwarding to either NSW Agriculture services or private laboratories. Examples of our referral services include:
  • microbiological testing
  • histopathology
  • plant tissue testing, soil testing
  • haematology
  • DNA testing
  • and any other specialty testing request


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