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  Invetus Diagnostic Laboratory website 

Welcome to our Diagnostic Lab website.

AS OF 28 FEBRUARY, 2020, OUR DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY HAS CLOSED and we are not accepting or processing any samples.

lnvetus has redefined its business purpose and the role of the lab has become less clear and this coupled with a more competitive environment and declining volume of work, we have decided that the lab is no longer a core part of our business.

Our main focus of business continues to be veterinary product research.

There are a number of alternative diagnostic lab service providers around Australia who provide the same or similar services. A list can be found on the wormboss website.

For the foreseeable future, this site (lab.invetus.com) will still be available for use by our Diagnostic clients to access their results.
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Two service providers that lnvetus has worked closely with in the past are GYST Parasitology Services (Armidale) and Dawbuts (Camden). Their details are:

GYST Parasitology Services
Woolshed Building, W49
University of New England
Armidale NSW 2350
Contact: Sara Bowers 0418 123 093 or email gystpara@bigpond.com

PO Box 1118
Camden NSW 2570
Contact: Matt Playford 02 4655 6464 or email admin@dawbuts.com or www.dawbuts.com
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